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Meet The Team - Sarah Swinburne

Sarah out on the hunt field.
Sarah out on the hunt field.

An avid hunter and passionate horse woman, Sarah Swinburne, has been a welcome addition to the team at Wexford Stables. A diligent and friendly worker, she is vital in keeping the cogs well-oiled on the ground on the busy mornings. With a great attention to detail, she is competent in caring for horses to the highest standard, as is the Wexford way. At only 16 years of age, she has a great deal of maturity and we are delighted to welcome her aboard!

Sarah gives us some background on her journey with horses and what her future aspirations are..

Can you give us some insight into where your love of horses began?

I have been riding since I was 8 years old. I was the only one in my family that was into horses. Since then, I have done many different disciplines, but Eventing is what I love the most. The adrenaline rush of cross country is indescribable!

During the winter, I work for the huntsman and exercise all his horses with my mate. We work the hounds and go out hunting- jumps, rickers, wooden fences, gates and full wires. It is so fun and the whole environment is awesome!

I re-train and break-in most of my horses now. I have a little team of horses but I am hoping to get more soon. I’ve sold a few horses and I am hoping one day that this could become a full-time job for me in the future.

How did you first get involved in the racing industry?

When I was younger, I never had anything to do with the racing industry. However, I knew that I would want to gain more experience in this industry at some stage.
I was looking for a job around early September and saw a post on Facebook from Wexford, looking for a ground staff member. I decided to apply and got the job.

What is your current role at Wexford?

I am currently a part of the ground staff.

Sarah out doing what she loves most!

Sarah out doing what she loves most!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being around the horses and seeing all their different characters is what I enjoy most. They make me laugh everyday!

And least?

It would probably have to be when we have to sweep the front by our tie-ups are. My arms are always dead after.

What has been your proudest racing moment with Wexford?

Well, I haven’t really been at Wexford that long, so my proudest or most exciting moment was when we were all sitting in the office watching Jaffira get his first win.

Do you have a soft spot for one horse in particular?

One horse I have a soft spot for would probably be Rockspell. He just reminds me so much of a horse I used to ride a few years back. When I brush him, he always makes me laugh by making weird faces!

One horse in the barn people should keep an eye over the next few months?

One horse I really like the look of, is Geriatrix. His trial at Waipa was awesome!

What is your favorite thing about Wexford Stables?

My favorite this about Wexford, is probably the people. They make me laugh every day and we are basically just like a big family.


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