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Meet The Team - Brooke Carter

Brooke with her team of show-jumpers. - Cornege Photography
Brooke with her team of show-jumpers.

Cornege Photography

As a competitive show jumper and with a family background in racing, Brooke Carter has immersed herself in the equine industry from a young age. With her own team of horses, she manages to balance both her work at the stables whilst also developing and competing her team of show jumpers. Her passion for horses led her to the racing industry and more recently, to Wexford Stables.

Another new face in the barn, she has slotted in well to the morning crew and contributes to the smooth running of the stables. With a good basis in horsemanship, she is competent in taking care of the horses and her passion is obvious to all.

We spoke to Brooke, to find out more about our new team member and how she came to working in the thoroughbred industry..

How did you first get involved in the racing industry?

My Mum worked in a racing stable since she was young. She said it was the best place to work with horses, so when I left school I went straight to a racing stable. I fell in love with the way things run and how well the horses get looked after.

My father breeds thoroughbreds so I also like the breeding side of things.

What is your current role at Wexford? 

Ground Staff, but I am working my way towards becoming a trackwork rider.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

One thing I love about my role is being on the ground with the horses. You form a great connection after working with them everyday.

And least?

My least favourite part is running out of saddles on a busy morning!

Brooke competing on one of her horses.
Brooke competing on one of her horses.

What has been your proudest racing moment with Wexford?

My proudest moment would have to be Dark Destroyer winning the Group One Tarzino Trophy. His run was absolutely epic.

Do you have a soft spot for one horse in particular?

I have a soft spot for Spirit Heart. We get along really well. She has a super thick, beautiful tail that I love to brush and she enjoys being fussed over too. 

One horse in the barn people should keep an eye on over the next few months?

I think Uderzo is a horse that is going to do great things.

What is your favorite thing about Wexford Stables?

My favorite thing about Wexford is how nice everyone is. I’ve made some great friends and we can all have a laugh even during the busiest of mornings.


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