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Life After Racing - Treasure State

A popular member of the stable with a great nature and the looks to match, Treasure State was the winner of one race, before being rehomed as a sport horse.

Having found himself a loving home, where he is doted on daily, he is a wonderful example of the versatility of Off The Track Thoroughbreds.

Now in the care of 15 year old Onyx, he lives the life of a king and looks to have a bright future ahead... 

When did you first meet Treasure State (or Gus as he is now called)?

I think it was late January 2023. I remember my daughter riding him and yelling out 'he's the one!'.

What does retirement now look like for Gus?

Gus is owned by my 15-year-old daughter. He enjoy lots of variety including attending Pony Club, and show jumping events, to one day eventing and hacking over the farm.

They have attended their first Gymkana, where he was an absolute star. He has also recently attended a show jumping day, where he jumped two clear rounds, despite never having seen any fill before. He even got a fourth placing! 

Any quirks?

None! He is honestly such an easy boy. Nothing worries him, he just plods along. In fact, I remember his first ride when we bought him home. I had sent my son to babysit Gus and my daughter, on his 19-year-old gelding. Gus ended up babysitting the old boy who was being so silly while Gus just plodded along!

Any dreams or aspirations?

Next on the cards for them is eventing and attending the Pony Club 2 Day Event in April. Onyx definitely has dreams of being able to attend bigger classes, but we are also mindful of taking it at Gus' pace.

Why do you think thoroughbreds make good horses off the track?

I never used to think this, as the thoroughbreds I had met previously fell into the typical stereotype. But now we have Gus, I truly believe they are the best. As long as you take things slowly and at their own pace, they are such trainable, willing horses and that’s a huge reflection on the foundations that were put into them as racehorses.


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