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Life After Racing- Ripslinger

Ripslinger failed to 'wow' in her two raceday starts for Wexford, however her career in the show jumping ring has been a very different story.  

Amy Gravatt has been part of 'Tilly's' life since day dot and following a quick ride, she decided that Ripslinger was to be her new partner in the show jumping ring. She's slipped into her post racing career seamlessly and is making her mark on the show jumping circuit.

We caught up with Amy to check in. 

When did you first meet Ripslinger?

I first met Ripslinger (Tilly) as a foal. My parents, Jon and Karen Sprague, bred her, so I helped handle and wean her. During her juvenile years, I was not a fan of hers at all! She was constantly pulling ball cocks off troughs and making us run out of water. She still loves getting in the trough but has a trough with a ball cock cover now. 

Did you follow Ripslinger during her racing career?

Yes, I was responsible for her racing career ending earlier than possibly expected. She was home on a break to mature physically and I decided to have a ride on her... I loved her and asked my parents if I could take her on as a show jumper.

What does 'retirement' now look like for 'Tilly? 

Tilly has had a lot of success as a show jumper, including winning the TIEs National Jumping Series for the 2021/22 season, with many wins and placings at 1.25m.

She is currently competing to 1.25m. This season she won the North Island 1.10m Champion with Izzy Jameson. I was unable to ride her as I'd had a lung lobectomy two weeks prior and couldn't ride or compete for 3 months. 

Since I've been back competing from the start of January, Tilly has won two and placed second in another of her four Amateur Rider starts.

Any quirks?

Tilly is a very busy horse! She struggles to keep still for long, but once you're on, she is all about her job.

Do you have any dreams or aspirations for Tilly's future?

My plan with her is to start doing Pro-Amateur classes next season and hopefully compete in 1.30m classes.

Why do you think thoroughbreds make such great sport horses? 

I love thoroughbreds. They love to have a job and I find they tend to be very honest and genuine.


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